Message from Source Channelled on August 26th, 2019

Channelled Message from Source

Channelled on August 26th, 2019 by Kristy

“The war between light and darkness continues upon this earth. We are in shadow season engaged in ego intellectual thinking. The emotionally wounded don’t know they are wounded. They spew their emotions as attacks through politics and religious viewpoints as a channel to release themselves from feeling powerless to the rumble they feel inside. None of which know better than how to release the poison they feel as shadow allows them to feel the toxic sores within their wounded soul.

Ego thinking and wounding is overriding the plea for help from the Earth, the Children of the Earth, the Animal Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom and the powers at be trying to protect humanity from themselves. The Ego is drowning the sounds out of the call for help. Angelic frequencies have deployed to the Earth as an urgency effort to awaken more sleeping minds to the reality that surrounds humanity. The Ego is ruled by the dark forces at this time. The Ego is the part of humanity that keeps evolution and reincarnation occurring on this Earth. The Ego does not want to die, it wants to rule everything and everyone to ensure it will always be alive on this Earth.

Humanity must begin adapting to the sudden changes occurring on the Earth. People oblivious to the reality of the call for help the Earth and all that inhabit must begin waking up, or they will find themselves suffering and causing karmic pain on others in this evolution. Evolution is accelerating, People see the punishment of Hell among those they love through sickness and suffering until the spell is broken that is woven over the conscious mind. The force of God is not responsible for the suffering upon us. It is the Karmic Debts of society being collected upon those we love through the darkness of our own ignorance and selfish choices now and throughout our ancestry.

October is the turning point of how your future will Karmically impact your lineage. The wounds and the Karmic Debts imprinted on your ancestral DNA will come down to the choices you make throughout the month in October. The imprinting is amplified and lineage will either hale you, or bare wounds to learn to forgive you. The war of Light & Darkness will be challenged this month as every person battles between their Ego materialistic novelties or the Empowered truth and reality of their ancestral future. This light war is more significant to your future ancestry that any of the world wars in history.

The root of this light war between light and darkness is caused from the Ego not wanting to surrender to the souls evolution. If the Ego keeps you from evolving your Soul, it will have immortality on this Earth. Ego will stay alive with your Soul eternally attached to it to return to fuel the negative forces on this Earth. It shows up in corrupt ways to control in politics, religion and racism. It triggers you to live in pain and suffering in a sick and dying world.

Thou shall not fear the future, one must choose if they want to have a future unselfishly for their lineage or return to familiarity of a wound. “

***What does this mean: This means we are going to be challenged to find a way to get along with each other, not choose sides, but to co-exist with each other in order to live in harmony with the polarity and natural order of life and all that exists. It is about accepting our behaviours as ours and find other ways than blame for our future generations. We see this on a global level as we all take action. ***

Message from angelic frequencies: Affirmation

“I have the power and the strength to make positive changes for my heritage. I hear and see the call from the Children of this Earth, I hear and see the call from the Animals, the Plants, the Soil and the Waters. I will not be spell bound by Ego, I am empowered, I see I am powerful and I can break free of negative Karmic debts my choices impact on my heritage. I shall heal now for thou, not forcing wounds on my ancestral future. I set the children of my future lineage free of the Ego’s shadowy spell. Amen, A’Ho, So it is.”

*This post is a copy and past from my channelled meditation journal in August.

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