Tips for buying healing crystals

Crystal therapy is one of the most powerful holistic healing remedy you can use daily to help you be in harmony within your energetic self. As a certified holistic healer, I’ve learned this first hand through experience and study. 

Crystal healing has been used for many purposes in our every day and we may no even know it. Your cell phone and computer for example use the programming properties for quartz crystal. Black tourmaline is used in your blow dryer to prevent static with it's healing properties. Quartz is even used in some flooring materials to create power that generates enough energy to power lights simply by people walking on the flooring. Not all crystals are created equally. Healing with crystals should always be taken under consideration that they can hold trauma in the vibration. Sometimes people find themselves being cranky or unhappy when they bring a crystal into their environment after purchasing it from a box store or someplace many people handled it. This is why I order direct from crystal mines that I know are ethical. My crystals are only handled by the miner that collects them from the earth and the person who boxes them up to ship out. I also cleanse, clear and charge up the energy in every crystal that comes in at LKM. I used salt beds, smudging and blessing, herbal clearing and gridding. Ask your provider if they do any clearing of energy on the crystals when they come in the freight. It is a good practice to know how much care goes into your healing if you are buying a crystal from someone for healing. When you purchase healing crystals, be sure to do so from a reputable source. also, don't be afraid to ask where the crystals come from. See if the person that is selling you crystals has the knowledge or if you are just a profit to them. It is important that the sacred gift of crystal healing is not only respected by you, but that others are providing crystal healing in alignment with healing and not profits. If you haven't yet, take a tour on my crystal shop and see some of the crystals I have available from the mines in South Africa, Madagascar, Brazil and there might still be some Canadian crystals left in stock. Check out my shop here 

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