Spiritual Anxiety

The term anxiety is very overused in todays society. As someone that has battled anxiety my entire life, I have realized in the recent years, anxiety has become this identity among a struggle dismissed as a life sentence in so many people. Especially to the extra sensory individuals that have spiritual gifts. Anxiety has become this term to describe a life condition. The positive, it is making it more acceptable and understood by the world, however the word anxiety brands people and they often stay stuck in the symptoms without really understanding it.

I have healed much of my anxiety through my own spiritual practice. I have studied and researched for years on this topic. Something I have learned is that our culture sees anxiety as a disease and not a symptom of something causing it. That is obviously problematic on so many levels. I personally had this image of myself having anxiety as a type of a mental illness and I had spent years living that identity. I have learned, it was not really true. Anxiety is a symptom of something else happening in the physical body.

Through my own healing journey and evolution, I have learned that anxiety is linked to the body's PH level. From a healers perspective (through my own Holistic Shaman, Spiritual Medium perspective), anxiety from a spiritual perspective takes on a whole new light.

Keys to understanding Anxiety symptoms from a Spiritual Healers perspective:

- Anxiety is not a disease itself, it is a symptom of many stress triggers in the physical body

- Anxiety is not a mental health issue on its own, it is the symptom of other health issues

- The body has its own "Heaven and Hell". This is linked to the PH levels of the physical body

- The body is a vehicle, the container to keep the soul safe. It can be contaminated with stress which causes anxiety. The soul wants to stay in an alkaline environment (Heaven) however, acidic PH levels cause the stress triggers and symptoms of anxiety to manifest

- Poor digestion is the leading cause of stress on the body. Without good physical digestion, emotional digestion is unlikely, causing anxiety and other mental health issues that cause additional anxiety symptoms. Second leading stress trigger is negative self talk, and self limitations.

- Extra sensory abilities cause stress on the physical body causing anxiety symptoms. spiritual gift that are not controlled and not developed can allow stress to occur triggering anxiety. Readings can make the body acidic, especially when digestion is poor and diet is not clean. this creates a acidic environment (hell) for the soul to live in, causing anxiety. The reason, additional energies that are channeled through the body put stress on it, causing an acidic response.

- If the body is not well grounded, it causes anxiety. Energies can not flow properly. We are electrical beings, the body must have some sort of ground contact to eliminate any stuck energy that causes stress in the body. Eliminating that stress can dramatically reduce anxiety. Walk barefoot, place bare hands on a tree, use grounding or earthing mats, consume root vegetables. meditation and mindfulness help strengthen the ability to intentionally ground.

- Mental responses to anxiety are reactions of protection. Example: not wanting to leave the house anxiety symptom is how the mind adapted to protect the soul from more stress triggers. The resolution would be to look at eliminating triggers in ones life that create an acidic environment for the soul. It is Ego's job to protect the soul after all. The soul does not want to be in an acidic environment, and this indicates, the soul is at it's max capacity of tolerating acidity in the body. The mind is trying to avoid more stress triggers.

- Mental responses to anxiety Example: Being unable to focus, or fall asleep, scattered mind. The body is not grounded and energy is getting stuck, through out the body. It causes stress in the body. The mind is scanning and searching for things to unload to compensate for the overload of stuck energy. This causes a weak auric field (magnetic field), inflammation and a lot of acidity in the body. Combined with poor digestion, this can cause a "hot mess" of anxiety triggers and high acidic levels in the body.

If you live with anxiety, know that you are not alone. If you wish to learn more about the spiritual perspective of anxiety, please register into my online audio class called:

Evolve Level 1 here https://www.lkmedium.ca/product-page/evolve-level-1

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