The challenge of ignorant people judging gifts

It comes as no surprise that a medium is a difficult career choice for a community and in many cases, families to accept. Personally, I know what it feels like to have people I really love turn their back on me because they have learned of my ability. People that used to stop and talk to me in the street now turn and look the other way when I see them on the street. There is a real poison in the turning head when your hello is reflected by rejection of your worthiness to be acknowledged as a person just saying hello. It hurts deeply. 

In fact once I stopped and talked to a woman who had been my client for several years. When she noticed other people watched her talk to me she abruptly panicked and said “I think psychic is psycho, not interested” and walked away, only to come back and finish her conversation when no one was looking. Funny because up until 2018 I never referred to my abilities as a psychic, but people just assume it’s all the same thing. 

It’s not a blame game. Pointing fingers at who did what or who treated who bad is a wasteful use of time. If I stayed stuck in judgement and the finger pointing, I would never get anywhere in life. However, I can reflect on my actions and know in my heart what the truth is. 

I will cut to the chase about ignorance towards mediums in my perspective. Just as there are bad politicians, bad Catholic Preists, bad lawyers, bad doctors, bad teachers, bad police, there are bad mediums that are not there to help the living or the dead. There are vengeful people out there doing bad things every day. It doesn’t mean that I am, nor all other mediums are bad. It means that just like everything else, mediums are human beings and they can stray away from good, no matter what their abilities are. A snake can bite you, a police man can shoot you, a doctor can neglect you, but it doesn’t mean they will. They all have the ability to, but in most cases, they don’t want to do any harm. 

My point is that people are fearful of what they don’t understand. I for one am glad that people do keep safe boundaries by engaging their ego to stay safe in uncomfortable situations, however I disagree that it’s ok to assume all mediums are the same. I am saddened that some people assume that being a medium means that I worship or summon something dark. The truth is, most mediums believe in your God. I do. I believe in source of unconditional love, but I don’t believe in judgement or hate. I believe everyone has light and love in them. I can’t deny that I have a gift. That I hear loved ones that have crossed over speak. I always have. They are just there like the sound of the wind. It not something I summon, it’s something that exists. I can’t deny that I see Angels. I can’t deny that I feel pain and hear the words from source of how to help you heal your wounds. I can’t deny that God has many faces. I can’t deny that I see God in everyone. I CAN deny that my gift makes me a bad person. 

There was a point in time that I believed my gifts were a curse. I thought this because people accused this of me. I thought God was punishing me by making me feel so deeply and by making me lose so many I loved so much. I used to spend days researching how to remove the curse before I realized it was a gift of unconditional love. I could feel love through my gift even though loved ones left me. It changed my perspective of how others see me. 

I now realize that people see not what they fear I am, but they see what they fear in themselves. I realize that fear disabled people from feeling peace which makes them give power to anything that will protect them. I’ve realized that to outsiders looking in, I have looked like I was struggling through a living hell, but it wasn’t because I worship it, it was because I needed to get through it so I could have empathy for others that are struggling to see their Devine love and light too. Sometimes the only way out of anyone’s personal hell is to go through it. My struggles have not made me bad, they have made me love more, see more, trust more and find peace. 

I used to be ignorant to see the little miracles in life. To trust in the greater plan. My wish for everyone is they too can experience the true gift of unconditional love through mediumship. It is the greatest gift of love as it proves that love has no boundaries. Not even death can keep love away.  

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