LKM Pro Reading Tip: sweet potato recipe

Over the years I have learned how doing readings (mediumship or intuitive readings) demand a lot from my body. It is a delicate balance doing readings at a professional level and maintaining your own energy. If fact, if you don't take careful measures, your health quickly goes in a downward spiral. 

Doing mediumship has such a huge demand on your physical energy that sometimes the body can struggle to digest foods and channel Spirit at the same time. Food also grounds you as the energy moved through your system, which can cause issues if you are doing a mediumship reading and you need to be in your upper chakras. A big ol cheese burger isn't going to let you reach those high vibrations of frequency with a big Mac taking all your life force to digest. Foods that take more energy to digest than what they can give you to energetically support you should be avoided at all costs, for your own wellbeing.

My Pro Reading tip is to have foods that are easy to digest before you do your reading so you are working in your body fairly light. Smoothies are fantastic. Just be sure to avoid dairy, your body struggles with dairy and channelling Spirit if you are experiencing autoimmune issues. Over time, dairy can cause more health issues if you are channelling and have any autoimmune diseases. I have seen this time and time again happen to myself as well as readers that have mentored under me. The proof is in the pudding!

Here are a few of my go-to recipes that I used to maintain energies as I read for my clients at a demanding professional level,

Banana Smoothie (1 to 2 hours before reading) 

1 Banana

1 Cup Spinach

1\2 tsp vanilla

1 Cup Almond Milk

1 Tbsp peanut putter (optional)

1 Tbsp organic raw cacao powder (optional)

Sweet Cherry Smoothie (1 to 2 hours before reading) 

3/4 Cup sweet pitted frozen cherries

1 Cup Spinach

1\2 tsp vanilla

1 Cup Almond Milk

1 Scoop protein powder (optional)

Post reading is really important. It is great to eat soon after you read, and preparing food is an important process because it helps you anchor into being grounded. This is one of my favourite recipes for post reading because sweet potatoes balance out your hormones. Doing readings actually make your hormones a hot mess, so sweet potatoes are one of your best friends if you do any sort of energy channelling!  Here is my go to recipe below. I hope you enjoy!

Sweet Potato Hash browns

2 slices of bacon chopped (cook while grating your sweet potatoes) 2 small sweet potatoes (grated) 2 green onions chopped 3 Brussels sprouts sliced thin Spices. Himalayan salt, pepper, garlic, onion, thyme Cook the bacon then throw the rest of the ingredients into the pan and cook on medium low until tender..

Made 2 servings - Photo above

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