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Updated: May 10

Intuitive development requires a deep trust of your intuition. Your Spirit Guides communicate to you through your intuition, and all other senses in your body. They communicate to you through memories, feelings, sounds, thoughts, ideas and even tastes!

When I work on missing people cases, investigate, or even answer questions for clients, I have to trust my sensory and the information it provides. The place to start working on sharpening your senses is to trust your Spirit Guides. I invite you to challenge yourself to take the test and see just how connected you are to an intelligence outside of you.

How it works: Your Spirit Guides are going to give you the answers. They will communicate with you in several ways. Trust the process.

Take the Test here: https://www.flexiquiz.com/SC/N/4c5f7181-3169-489f-8ded-1a0e3f75b789

If you scored Below 30%

You are fighting your intuition. Your ego tells you that you are wrong. Sometimes people that have energy flowing out of balance of the natural flow from sickness or emotional blocks will reflect opposite of the right answer. People that argue for arguing sake are typically victims of this backward energy flow. Be patient with yourself if you score low, there is probably an emotional or physical reason.

If you scored Between 31 - 70%

You have some energy blocks emotionally keeping you from trusting your natural instinct. Take the LKM Free intuition workouts found on this blog to strengthen your trust in yourself. You are on track, you just need to strengthen your trust in a few of your senses a little bit more.

If you scored Between 71-100%

You are very connected to your Guides. You are trusting what you are perceiving as messages, and it is proving your intuition is sharp. Keep up the good work, you are good at Spirit Guide Readings!

You may want to consider my online classes called Evolve 2.0 to develop your gifts and personal insight further.

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