What is your Spirit Score? Take the LKM Test.

Ever wonder how connected you are to your Spirit? Are you living in your Spirit or are you ignoring that side of yourself? If you could put a score on your Spiritual Journey, would you? I invite you to take the test and see what your score reveals about your Soul's Journey and just how much you actually do live in your Spirit.

To Take the LKM Test, You must first answer all the questions as accurately as you can. (this can change from day to day! we constantly evolve on waves of emotions. You can take it multiple times and have different results based on your mood).

Once you calculate your score, either click next on your test results, OR click on the link posted below to see your LKM Score results and suggestions for you.

TAKE THE TEST HERE go to questions

Once you have your Score, Check your results here https://www.lkmedium.ca/lkmresults

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