Why what others think bothers us

Throughout time, there have been many versions of “truth” around beliefs, and even morals. In today’s day and age, we still value the opinion of others, but yet when someone disagrees with us, we defend ourselves with “it doesn’t matter what they think” when in this reality, it actually does. 

You see, we have evolved based on the opinion and acceptance of others as a tribe. In our ancestors history, they depended on each other to survive. Everyone mattered to one another. Being an outcast was never a good thing because survival become much harder alone. We evolved ourselves with the acceptance of others, but have come to a cross roads on how to understand our individuality in a globally connected world. The opinion of others does matter, but their approval is not required to survive as it used to be. The thread that holds us to care about what others think is an energetic link. It’s a Karmic connection. Still a part of us as our toolset to learn how to survive. 

We often forget that Karma brings us lessons to evolve our soul. The Karmic lesson/law we subconsciously are aware of is not to do harm to another. Our minds become fixated on disapproval or disappointment through the eyes of others because in the energetic viewpoint, we know disappoint and disapproval cause Karmic infractions which are carried by our soul as Karmic debts. This means, if we hurt someone (intentional or not) and they are disappointed in us, we carry that as a debt. Any debt we carry as a Karmic infraction, we will experience. 

A great practice (and an old practice), is the ho’oponopono. This is a practice used as a prayer in Hawaii to clean up ones thoughts and put energy back in harmony by cleansing Karmic infractions. 


” I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you”

Even if one doesn’t understand why someone else disapproved or is hurt by your actions, it is important to clear the energy and Karmic infractions. 

Instead of fighting our emotions down that opinion of loved ones, or our communities acceptance doesn’t matter, (which it does, because we are programmed that way), the key is to accept it, embrace it, forgive it and set it free. Grieve the disappointment and see it as a wound. That’s what it is. It’s there to be mended in our evolution to enlightenment and empowerment. Pretending that it’s not troubling does not evolve anyone out of this lesson. Acceptance of responsibility does. 

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