Strong like a Bronco

The nightmare is real. It’s not a dream. It all didn’t go away after a good sleep. The horror lives in real places. The shadow of death is a real place. It forever exists in the minds that seen it, that have to live with it and have to face it every day. 

The pain reaches the depths of everything we know about ourselves. It makes us choose to see the light or let it consume us completely. Those that have seen the darkness can understand the battle it is to fight for the light. The battle is real. 

In Humboldt, they have seen the darkness. We all have whitenessed seeing how the shadow of the valley of death can break the wings of an angel of light through the words spoken by Pastor Sean Brandow, during the vigil Sunday evening. We can see a warrior down in the battle towards the light and Gods unconditional love.

We could see through the message God sent Monday morning giving one family a miracle and taking one away. “God giveth and God taketh away”. We prayed to hear him speak, and he did. 

Will we see God lives through us? Will this teach us to seek love, to learn to love and support our neighbors? Will this be a message that God has spoken through us that we need to try harder for ourselves and not give up, to learn through the actions of the survivors and their courage and strength? Will we see through the faces of these roll models of compassion and kindness to each other how important it is to see love in each other and what we do? Will we live each day with purpose to grow better tomorrow’s? Will we end the battle of judgement and seek forgiveness for ourselves? 

God speaks, but do we listen? Do we hear? 

We are listening now. Our attention is present. 

Here is a podcast I have recorded for all that need support seeing the light. For anyone needing help coping. It is also available on iTunes. 

Strong like a Bronco

Listen to podcast here

On iTunes search Lianna Kristy Medium 

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