Why do bad things happen to good people?

This is one hard subject to discuss but let’s do it anyways. So many people right now have been aware that no matter how hard they try, life seems to slap them in the face. As the saying goes to someone down on their luck, “don’t feel alone, life f*cks us all”..... 

There are so many reasons as to why things can go so wrong when we try to do everything so right. I obviously can’t cover every reason specifically in this short audio podcast show, but I can crack open the shell to help you see some of the things that may be causing you challenges. 

For example:

Confusion about purpose 

Life lessons

Misguided, misunderstandings of yourself 

Archetypes and profiles of your souls evolution 

In this audio podcast I share information to help you relate to your conflicts and open your awareness that you have the ability to direct positivite changes via actions and accountability. 

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