Alternative method to detect and remove negative energies from your home

Happy Spring Equinox!! I am sharing some alternative methods to detect negative energies in a space that anyone can use (no spidy senses required).

This method uses




A clear glass you are okay with throwing away

** remember to mix it well and dissolve as much salt as you can!

Simply place the mixture in a room Undisturbed for 24 hours. If it has become murky, changed colours or has funky things going on in it, dump the water and thoroughly rinse away through your plumbing (run a lot of water to get rid of it from your drains and pipes inside the house). Recreate the mixture and put back into the same place. Repeat every 24 hours until it becomes clear. Once clear you can move to a different room and repeat. 

Watch the video for other tips on detecting what’s happening in your home. Note: the aleovera will detect toxins also. Not just negative energies. 

Watch video here

UPDATE: I caught some negative energy in my cup!!!

Watch update video here

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