Sensitive is sensitive: food, emotions, energy

Since going on this journey as a healer helping those with sensitivities, I have learned through my own experiences. 

I have learned that many people do not recognize or connect that if they are emotionally sensitive, they likely have food sensitivities which cause a chemical response in the body which triggers many things. I have also observed through my work that many whom are like me that came to me for help are also experiencing sensitivities to spirit as in intuitive overload, Psychic information, empathic awareness of others around them. I began to see patterns develop with sensitivities and autoimmune, and other chronic illness based on the result of being subject to full exposure to a trigger of the sensitivity, such as stress, gluten, chemicals, negative people or trauma as a few examples of triggers that cause health issues. 

One of the most common connections I have made was the connection to autoimmune, energy and food sensitivities and suicides. Most people that came to me for a reading in the past 2 years have lost someone to suicide. The common factor was the character of the suicide victims as an emotionally caring sensitive person with food sensitivities or a form of autoimmune. it makes you think. How come we are not doing more to eliminate triggers. As a healer it is frustrating seeing children be put on medication or diagnosis of all sorts of things for behaviour. How can we teach people to be more proactive in their wellbeing and understanding sensitivities in adults that are raising these children. 

On a side note, I have become aware that so many of the health issues we face stem from an emotion. For example, I suffer with autoimmune. As many others do also but are unaware that their diagnosis falls under the autoimmune category. In my situation I spent the majority of my life rejecting myself and denying who I was in this world. It's amazing how looking back that's exactly how my body evolved. Makes a person think. 

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