what to do if your are sensitive and don't know what to do

It has been brought to my attention that so many people are learning they are sensitive to energy, emotions, environment, spirit... you get the idea. I always say that energy is energy and if we are attuned to react and respond to energy, in any way shape or form there really is no difference in how (food or spirit or EMR) we are sensitive as the reality is energy is energy.

What does a person do? It is so common for people to think there is something wrong with them. To feel uncomfortable with them selves and not know how to understand any situation including why they feel like they do. I have some good advice as I have been there before! Here are some pointers that I have learned.

1) talk to someone that you feel comfortable with. Ask questions. Lots of times what you feel is odd or strange, chances are some one else has the same experience. Or often when things seem common or natural many others may not observe that. Just talk. Don't feel weird about it. Everyone is weird. We all observe the world completely different than the next person. Its actually amazing to be able to share perspectives in an amazing miracle of life. You may even want to find a healer, medium, intuitive or reader that you feel comfortable asking, talking to or working with. Often Spirit is meant to work through them to direct you to the right place or resources to assist you understand you. If you want specific answers, always be sure to book an appointment and not casually ask a healer or a reader and expect specific information. Readers often do not invade your personal information without being in a proper reading. Also do a private session vs a group or event reading. You can receive a HUGE amount of info in a simple 20 min private reading that will answer most if not all questions and then some!

2) Join a community, class or both! Not to toot my own horn but I learned that groups of communities and classes combined makes a very strong support system energetically. I offer online classes and private community groups where people in the same situations in their journey can connect and support a structure of compassion and support with each other. Of course other healers or self help groups do the same. The possibilities are endless. Having diversity in the knowledge you collect through various teachers and communities are worth their weight in gold. I have learned that many amazing relationships and connections can be made with online classes, workshop and likeminded communities. Be sure to join closed groups or closely monitored as some negativity can set back someone drastically. Observe is key.

3) Embrace your interests, don't fight it. So many people are interested in mediumship because it makes sense to them. Or predictions, or just knowing things in natural phenomenon's. Seeing aura is another super common one that people pretend not to know about or ignore it when they see it and try to not bring it up with friends but secretly are interested when they hear someone talk about it or read stuff about it. Don't be shy. there are reasons why we are interested and attracted to what we are! Never fight your curiosity. You have it for a reason!

4) Start a healing journey. People that are sensitive often carry more than their own emotions. Emotions are a big health risk as emotions also create chemical imbalances in the body. Take an empowerment workshop or an emotional detox! help yourself feel better by feeling comfortable being you. It sounds like a tall order if you are super sensitive, but if I can do it anyone can! Trust me it is worth the effort!!

These are just a few things I have learned! If you have any questions about your ability, please be sure to ask me! I have many courses and classes happening monthly!! I hope this gives you some direction!


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