bad case of the psychic flu

Anyone that follows me, or has taken any courses from me knows that I talk a lot about health and mediumship as being a balancing act. Since I started mediumship publicly, my health had declined. A lot. There are many arguments out there as to what causes my illness and the illnesses in many other people that are sensitive to energy. I have been an energy sensitive medium for 33 years and I finally learned what really is happening to me and others.

I like to call the vertigo, upset stomach, sometimes headache and pain a psychic flu. It often comes after over exerting ones self in a reading for someone, or if rest and diet is not perfectly balanced. Sickness creeps in fast when the body is not nourished. Simply put, doing readings uses all energy up if not careful. The best way I can explain is if you ever go into a hospital where many people are in a coma or in the last moments or days of their life. Those people are often in what is known as a Christ Consciousness state, meaning their energy is neither here not there it is in both places. When I do mediumship, I raise my energy to that level. Just like the people in a coma or on their death bed are. Basically every reading, one dies a little just to make that strong connection. To do so it requires one to use their own life force energy to reach that level of consciousness. Just like an invasive flu bug will wipe ones energy to zero, mediumship has the same energetic and chemical effect on an individual if they are not careful and push themselves too hard. It sounds terrifying, but really it is just exhausting. Gluten and sugar are far more dangerous than mediumship. I am talking about mediumship on a professional level, However, some people do feel these affects and have no indication as to why. I would suggest considering the fact they are receptive to energy from the spirit world and channeling without even knowing they can do that.

On the other side of the psychic flu, we have what occurs when a world event shakes us down. Being open to the quantum field of energy around us we are receptive to ALL energy. When traumatic events occur around the globe we feel it like the sickness of the worst flu, or the way it feels in your stomach when you get devastating news. For example, if you ever had the shock of the loss of a loved one, you know what it feels like to be a medium during a world event or even when a client is in distress. We often get that pit in the stomach that is terrible to live with. We feel that before, during or after an event occurs. Lots of the time we have no idea where or what is going on. Eventually we can figure it out, Us psychics are pretty good at finding those answers. That also occurs when people send negativity at a psychic or a medium. It makes me laugh that some people think that their negative thoughts are secret and that they mean nothing. The reality is, energy has its own signature. We know where it comes from and yes it really does make one sick. Nice mediums and psychics will send love back to the negative person projecting all that pollution. I have seen energy get ugly though with the force of a psychics energy sending anger back to the one who sent it. It is unfortunate this still occurs between people. Hopefully one day all psychics and mediums will get along with everyone and all work from a place of love.

There are many other factors to contribute to the psychic flu, but the final main one that I struggle with is triggers for autoimmune disorders. New science has been conducted looking at lab testing mediums. An interesting observation was all mediums tested in the lab study, they had autoimmune disorders. Interesting observation considering myself I can not eat grains, dairy or nightshades without setting off an autoimmune response. The more I do mediumship, the less foods I can tolerate, and the harder it is to stay healthy on non whole foods. I predict that in a few short years, most people will have many of those same food intolerance causing many autoimmune disorders. Perhaps by then, science will peg mediumship as a side affect or a cause. I think the food sucks and we are finally catching up with years of abuse and genetically playing God. It has to happen sooner or later since the human consciousness if in the middle of an evolution right down to the cellular level. Yet another chain reaction factor contributing to what I know as a psychic flu.

I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to share!

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