Creative Intention Setting

Amazing things can be accomplished with a simple set of intention. In fact the world runs on intention. We can create great changes is we believe them, or intend for them to happen. 

Here is a great video of a project I like to do. I made this "message in a bottle" to myself and set it on a shelf that I look at every day. I do this to remind myself of the things I want to create in my life or the changes in my self I truly desire for myself. Energy to me moves like fluid so the bottle is very fitting! It also works well in corespondents with a self help meditation I wrote called “the beach meditation “. 

One could use a jar or a can if they choose as well. I like the bottle personally. In a year, I am looking forward to going back and seeing how much of my intentions manifested in my life. How much I have grown and changed.


A year has passed and I set my intentions in the bottle. All come true. All the intentions I set for 2017 and then some. 

Here are the step by step instructions to create your intention setting project, plus as a free gift I am giving you access to “your beach meditation “ to help you when you get lost along the way throughout your year! 

Project instructions:

  1. Get a jar/bottle, a string, paper, sand (optionional), and a pen. You can do this as more of a ritual or ceremony by burning herbs oils and resins of choice and calling in the appropriate energies. It’s up to you. 

  2. Prepare your bottle/jar by adding in sand. You could also use chip stones of crystals. I suggest quartz chips to amplify the energy. Optional: if working on healing a broken heart for example, you may want to add a drop of essential oils like Rose de mai or you may want to add herbs or crystals that are directly connected to your intention. Do what calls to you. 

  3. Write out your intention on a piece of paper. You are writing a letter of intention to your energetic self. You can open the letter as Dear Self, ... you then want to make it very very very clear that you intend to work towards the things you are writing down. As you write them feel the emotion and desire of that intention. Let it be real. Do not second guess or write things half assed. If you want something write it down. Don’t think about the how or the when, just feel the desire and tell yourself in writing that this is what you want this year. For example, one of my intentions this year is to do more celebrity readings. I will simply write “I intend to help and inspire more celebrities”

  4. Optional step: you have completed your intentions, create a line that’s a symbol that your guides will use and you know is a sign when you see it. For example if you set the intention that “if I see a butterfly through the year, I know it is a symbol” or you can use a number “if I see the number 278 I know it’s a message” this gives your guides and energetic self a tool to work with your awareness. 

  5. Roll up your letter and tie with a string. Drop it on the bottle, close it up and set your intentions someplace to manifest! Those are seeds to your future, nurture them well. Surround with crystals and plants to help them flourish. 

  6. If you get stuck at all use this meditation. It’s created to move energies into alignment and bring clarity. It’s a very powerful meditation. “Your Beach Meditation”

Watch the short video of how I made my intention message in a bottle.

I would love to see your creative intention projects! Find my on facebook @ManningMedium and share your pics!!

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