Relationships lately? wtf?

As you know, I do a whack load of readings every week. Upwards to 40 to 50 intuitive readings per week. I found something interesting this past while. People that have been working on self, authentic self, meditating regularly, or have taken enlightenment programs through me or other sources, they all have something in common... The cards that come up and the energy that surrounds them lately is very similar. I have found myself repeating the same information to those that have taken the time to evolve and enlighten their spiritual and emotional intellect. Sounds strange right? Yeah, that's exactly what I thought until validation after validation started to come in from these people saying "BANG ON!!!".... So that leaves me with the observation that the energy globally absolutely can sync us up to similar situations, not only thoughts.... And relationships.

How? How can that even be remotely possible? ..... Energy. Naturally we respond to things we do not understand or the unknown as a threat. It is a survival instinct to do so. The human brain is neurologically programed to select what it thinks is useful information, and the unknown is usually always a threat meaning the brain doesn't really see the importance of being receptive to understanding a danger. It just wants to fight or flight. It is our willingness to let go of what we know or fear and open up our consciousness more by becoming more receptive is where things begin to shift and change from the fearful defensive, to shift to the interested and curious.

Think of it this way, a toddler does not just get potty trained on their own. Repetitive action, encouragement, reminders and teachings begin to absorb into the toddlers mind as they mature. The toddler will never learn to use the potty until they reach a level of maturity. A level of expanded consciousness where they can actually begin to be receptive and understand what the act of potty training really is. Before that point the toddler does not have that expanded consciousness and will not "get it" one second before. We don't realize that evolution of consciousness does not end at potty training or play school or graduation. We continue to expand our conscious throughout our entire lifetime. Throughout all experience, we all have those moments that we are sitting in our "dirty diapers" because we just didn't get the lesson. All of us have them moments. Don't even think of saying "not me" HAHA!!

So what does this have to do with relationships? EVERYTHING!!! Since we are all a walking, talking reaction and response to the world around us, sometimes we can foresee situations coming at us and we can course correct accordingly to troubleshoot and avoid any conflicts. People with an expanded consciousness can do this easily hands down. Some people do not have the ability and become frustrated, angry and they sometimes lose their way because they are blind sided by an energy or situation they do not have the intellect to comprehend. What I have noticed lately in 95% of my readings the past few weeks, relationships have been difficult because of the difference in the expanded consciousness between individuals. I have noticed people are becoming more defensive of their own values and beliefs or seeking direction to learn to help others see an easier way through difficulty. But that's okay, because in a weird way that process actually shines a light on ones shadow self (the dark side) bringing it to the surface to be polished up and upcycled to good use.

And I am also noticing many people being resistant to help when it arrives based on the fact they can not read between the lines. Consciousness is shifting and evolving more rapid every day. Some are advanced and some lag behind. If you need to see proof, look at technology. We have such incredible advancements in modern tech that we hardly have to think, but we SHOULD think and think of it this way, the tech was created by human mind it was inspired by natural order of consciousness, And then there are some people that can not even work a coffee machine and the thought of sending an email or even knowing what a domain name is sends them over the deep end with f-bombs, mad faces on facebook and name calling of every politician they can think of (because clearly it is THEIR fault)... The energy is created by reactions and responses on a global level which affects everybody. Let's not only blame the politicians here for all these problems (that's a joke for those that do not understand why I would say that (don't send me facebook angry faces over it, I am a medium not a comedian, I never said my jokes would be any good).

My point... Okay well I think that we are reacting and responding to a lot of energy which is also influenced by moon (because the moon surely makes people bat crap crazy and has for years!), solar storms, atmosphere, and planetary events on top of how crazy a few politicians have us all reacting and responding. We are just different and it gets aggravating sometimes because that is the energy that is on the air, Annoyance, aggravation, frustration and add that up with people reacting in fear and anger we have a bunch of people in dirty diapers that are frustrated because they don't know how to foresee their own future and a bunch of people trying to potty train them and they just don't have the expanded consciousness to know how to yet and then the frustration to find a solution by thinking first and reacting after seems impossible because of the energy we are all reacting and responding to...

I don't want to sound like I am picking on anyone, but this is my observation of what is happening in peoples lives that have come up a lot lately. I hope everyone can learn to become more receptive minded in the future to learn from one another and evolve their consciousness with positive change and growth and encourage others to do the same. I hope one day all the hate and anger will be cleared in the air, even if it was just for a moment for the rest of the world could catch its breath and reset. That would be the greatest moments in time.

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