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In 2016 I have met more people that have recently discovered they are becoming allergic to foods and have all sorts of "unknown causes" to a variety of symptoms. These include vertigo, psoriasis, migraines, or other autoimmune disorders just to name a few. I have to ask myself, should this be a concern? Considering I am one of those people that in my lifetime have been diagnosed with a handful of "unknown medical phenomenon's" it has made me question pretty much everything in medical science.

I am a very science minded and grounded person. I study and am part of groups that include neuroscientists and psycho;ogists whom are all learning and studying the exact same things as I am. When I say I question medical science I have a very good reason to. Since studying the consciousness and working as a medium I have discovered why the medical world turns to chemicals to create a chemical reaction in the human form via chemical reaction. The trouble is, the body can not balance itself out. If something is causing a headache and a person takes a pain killer, the problem is still existing, and is not resolved. Many medicines disable the bodies natural ability to restore health. Now I am not a doctor and I advise everyone should always seek medical attention and use medications is prescribed, but I will be the first to say don't do it blindly. Ask the questions, do the research. I am a strong believer that we all need to be accountable for our own health and medical professionals do make mistakes every day, They are not God, they don't know all the answers, all they can do is interoperate what you tell them, look at collected data that could fit 100 different ailments and go with their gut instincts and educated guess on what to prescribe to treat the symptoms. Of course I am not trying to point fingers at any profession, and many lives have been saved. I simply am aware after going through many of my own health issues as well as being a medium for dozens of people whom lost their loved ones to wrong prescriptions or wrong diagnoses and many of these lost lives being children, I have to say, our health is our own duty.

So why are we all sick? why do we have food allergies. Why are our bodies out of whack and hormones out of balance. The answer is simple. We are rapidly evolving beings. We have moderated and artificially created a reality including food. Our body can not handle fake food, fake medicine or fake nutrition. Think of your body as several living organisms in a pond. It thrives with natural order, but what happens to the organisms when you through in artificial elements and litter it with garbage? It becomes week and eventually struggles to flourish. Think about it just for one second. Our body is a series of natural chemical reactions yes, but we treat our sickness with chemical that alters more than just the symptom it treats. And then to fuel the body we feed it more chemicals and more artificial garbage. Our health issues are a huge issue and we absolutely can start doing something about it.

When I channel spirit about these issues the information that comes in for the generation of my 7 year old step son, the food will be intolerable. We are creating a mess for the kids we are raising now and they will have to figure it out later so they can survive. People are going to have to go backwards to go forwards. In my family, we already made some huge changes and are very mindful about our diet and what types of medication and food we consume. We still have room to improve. Diet has raised such a red flag with so many allergies within this last 12 months my stepson has developed intolerances to bananas which cause his tongue and mouth to swell. Gluten is a definite problem area for him and dairy also has created some intolerances in him. Our staple foods are toxic. So now what do we do? How to we go back to real unaltered and organic foods? Without even the use of organic approved pesticides and organic approved chemicals of any kind? Can we fix the soil, the water and the air? From the perspective of a spiritual medium and the insight I have gained on this topic, changes need to start coming fast because we are headed for a devastating problem when our food and medicines are all too toxic for us.

I predict in 2018 the majority of food we consume will be inedible. We are raising frequency and evolving in one direction and our food is being moderated and evolving in another. Autoimmune disorders will be in pretty much everyone. In the past year 50% of the people I know have become gluten and dairy intolerant. Is it really too far fetched to say in another 12 to 24 months there will be more intolerances surfacing? I personally developed intolerances to peppers, potatoes, beans, peas, all grains, dairy, bananas and avocado, but that is what autoimmune disorder does to a person.

You see when I was a kid I had 2 things that happened. I had mono and I had an ulcer which was treated by reducing the stomach acid via pill. This was the cause of autoimmune disorder. I am sick because of medication I took as a kid. Just some food for thought, what has happened in your lifetime that alters your health today?

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