Eating for Chakra Health

2016 for me has been very challenging in the health department. Mediumship is very demanding on the body physically even more so than it is emotionally and mentally. You might think that it would be opposite since the loss of a loved one appears to be an emotional pain and its the awareness of ones mind that sets the pain in motion, not the body at a cellular level. The fact of it is, in my life, I have learned that the consciousness is connected right down into the cellular level. It's why our "heart aches" or we get "butterflies". As a matter of fact, we gather most of our information not with our thoughts, but with the energy interacting with our body. This happens through what we call chakras.

When I connect to spirit to do a reading, I am using all of my chakras at full speed ahead to pull in all energetic information around me so I can process it in my mind and deliver it in a translated message. In this process, there is an interaction with the energy I am communicating with. This can be very draining in each chakra of the body and it is important to rebalance and nurture that energy back to a healthy level of vibration or motion. It is not just mediums that do this. Everyone does. It is just the way the body interacts in it's environment.

Ever notice that sometimes you feel a little sluggish in the creativity department after over doing it? Consider eating an orange, or a carrot to boost up the vibration and speed up the sluggish energy centre associated to the second chakra that draws in your creative energy. Ever notice that you are feeling off in lala land and can't keep focused? Try eating a red apple, some strawberries or raspberries. Raspberries are a great choice for grounding and staying out of lala land because if their deep red colour that vibrates at the right frequency of the base chakra and raspberries are a very healthy choice for heart health which helps the heart chakra also. It's a two for one!

To eat for your chakras, and your energetic vibe, try selecting foods that share the same colour as the chakras in the body. It is a fun and easy way to maintain a healthy lifestyle right down to the cellular level. And don't forget about that crown chakra that need extra water to stay cleansed and crystal clear! Something fun to do is a water infusion. Take a big glass of water and add some cranberries or raspberries, an orange slice, a lemon slice, cucumber or lime slice, blueberries and blackberries, And there you have a chakra water infusion!

Since I learned to help my health by going on an Autoimmune Paleo Diet, I am very mindful to balance my chakra health with food. I have noticed a huge difference in my recovery period after doing readings or live events. I have energy at the end of the day and when I wake up now, which I never did before, even before I knew I was a medium, I always fell short of energy and thought I was just lazy. Turned out, I just needed to boost my chakras. To follow what I do you can find my page on facebook called "Kristy's AIP life". There I share recipes, ideas and inspiration on a healthy AIP diet that is also working to balance out those busy chakra centres.

FACT: Did you know that 2 apples a day have the same affect on inflammation as 15 mg of steroids? Reducing inflammation in the body and promoting healthy cell function can also be achieved by consuming a diverse food diet creating healthy diversity in the body's microbiome which is important in all health. People born a non natural birth should also put extra care into a diverse diet and array of food choices because they do not have the natural microbiome from the birthing process, it is important to expose oneself to build healthy balance in the body.

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