What the Health?.. Just a migraine? not likely..

It is no secret to those that follow me know that I suffer from migraines. In fact I was diagnosed being a chronic migraine suffer many years ago. When you go to the medical doctor and ask why does this happen, I never could get an answer or a solution. Strangely, I was okay with that. I went on living my life to tolerate the pain and discomfort of having this rule my life.

Over the years I had many sicknesses that never really went away, and still have not been diagnosed. In fact since becoming a public medium and developing my abilities rather than medicating myself and hiding myself away under a rock I found significant improvement in my health. Even though I felt better, my awareness to life long ailments started to surface the deeper I became invested in the mediumship world as well as the information I learned from clients whom lost loved ones that came to me for a connection.

I found out that migraines are suffered by most if not all energy sensitive people. One of the most common issues alongside this is vertigo. A study conducted in 2015 suggested that most of the mediums looked at in scientific research all reported having autoimmune disorders. Makes a lot of sense considering that me myself have psoriasis and extreme vertigo with migraine and have as long as I can remember. I am learning that many mediums are being diagnosed with MS.

As a healer, it is so frustrating that the medical world will not look at these topics and put it all together. The fact is, in one month 1/3 of my readings were with people that lost loved ones due to medical error and misdiagnosis. This has made me realize that no one can depend on someone to know about their personal health. As a matter of fact, how many times have you or someone you known been diagnosed wrong or ignored? This blows my mind considering most of the serious students you will run into in courses of psychic development training sessions are neuroscientists and psychologists! Or the fact that each day detectives reach out to psychics and mediums for assistance or training. Why does the medical field lag behind in it's closed minded ways of temper tantrum feet stomping attitude of "I went to school to study medicine". Maybe I am bitter from the fact in 11 months I read 31 misdiagnosed loved ones on the other side and many were under the age of 10 when they died. Those are the kind of things that keep a medium awake at night. The haunting reality of preventable death.

My intuition and research tells me that I have Epstein–Barr virus (EBV) and this is the cause of all my ongoing health issues, but the doctors I have been to get upset when you ask for specific tests, so I am just going to continue learning and researching health. Not medication, I am going to study health. To heal myself, I have already learned that science has pointed out that migraine suffers are often deficient in vitamin D or ceQ10. The Q10 is mostly deficient more in women. So if you are a migraine sufferer, try getting more sun, eat beef, broccoli, cauliflower and of course spinach. I am going to try supplements alongside my diet. Will let you know how it turns out..

P.S. I am not bashing the medical doctor or modern medicine field. Many lives have been saved and many treatments are available, but lets face it, we can all do better. Let's start by not trying to put so much lipstick on a pig to disguise the root issues. Sure there are chemical medicines for that, but what if the chemicals are the problem? We don't know because there is really no "cure" for a lot of medical issues. All we really have is temporary symptom relief via fluke of side effects. So in short, I am not pointing at medical doctors with blame. I am simply pointing out we need to start working on health together and stop putting lipstick on the pig!

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