Life going in circles?

Do you feel like your life is just going around and around and around in circles and you just keep thinking "oh, just my crappy luck!".... Well, I was in those shoes once too! Here is the thing, we all can change the outcome!

My life was filled with all these unfortunate events and "bad luck". I used to get angry and this feeling that life was so unfair. Boy did I get a HUGE news flash! I was going in circles because I just did not learn the first time, or the second time, or the third time..... I allowed myself to be trapped by..... well, myself! I allowed my mindset to be Ego based, fear and focused on the negative more than I would like to admit. We are human, this is just how we roll! When We are in this state of mind, we work on a lower frequency and become weak. It is very difficult to get out of this trap because this lower frequency surrounds us in our society, on the news, in our homes and relationships, in our government and leaders, in our past, on our planet! It just is everywhere! Our minds are programmed based on what we surround ourselves with. Seriously, ask your self, in a day how much positive surrounds you compaired to the negative?

You can't change the world you live in on your own, but you CAN change YOUR world!

I took a good hard look at my life as a whole and I made the choice to better myself and let go of this negative "big wheel" I locked myself into. I looked at all these events that took place in my life and hammered out the lessons, found forgivness within myself, faught off the fear, chose to be grateful and let go of all the rest... Sounds simple right? HAHAHA NOPE! Seriously, this was the hardest thing I have ever faced in my life! It is work, it is a struggle but it is the best thing you could ever do for yourself! Think about it, how honest are YOU with YOURSELF?

After all was said and done and I picked apart my own life and made the choice to make my life better, I am on a much higher frequency, which means fear and negativity bounce right off me because I gave it the boot. Sure the odd time something will come at me that tempts me to go back to my "old way of thinking" but I don't because I am strong, and I know that this is not "bad luck". It is a lesson. It keeps things interesting. It helps me grow to be a better, stronger person. The things that used to be mountains are just little road bumps now and I am prepared to accept the lessons and let go of the rest.

Give it a shot for yourself, be honest with yourself, learn from your mistakes, question what you need and focus on getting there. Face your fears, let go of what does not serve you, let go of your big Ego and surround yourself with all thing positive. Remind yourself that good can come from the bad and always, always be grateful. Journal it! Review it every 2 weeks, You will shock yourself and how your "luck" has changed!

Love & Light

Lianna Kristy

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