What happens in a reading?

In many of the readings I have done, pieces or messages are unvalidated at the time of the reading. This is so normal! Most of those bits of unvalidated information end up being validated shortly after and sometimes months after the reading. Our memory does not always hold all the information and often what happens is our brains will dig around in that memory bank of ours and out of the blue, there it is, the lightbulb goes on! This happens all the time (to myself included!). This is why I suggest recording the reading!

Messages come in forms of past events or things (while spirit was alive), after they past, what has happened recently, and I am really noticing they love to give insight to what is coming. These could be signs from them, events, or even people that will come into your life! All of the information they bring through is important and has meaning. The meaning could be a simple validation, or it could be encouragement, it may also be a warning of the dangers that are ahead if you continue on the current path. Every piece of information Spirit brings forward is important. I know this to be true because it takes a lot of energy for them to communicate these things and would not use that energy to bring information that had no meaning.

In the past I have really struggled with delivering some of the validations because they simply seemed "crazy" to even me! I have learned that whether it makes sense to me or not I have to deliver that message! Your loved ones want you to know these things for a reason!

Often messages will come up as information that will help you, what is holding you back and what you need to know to move forward. These may be messages from loved ones or they may be from your guides. The information is always valid and has an important meaning for you or someone close to you.

Love & Light

Lianna Kristy

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