Fall Foliage

Change. A day does not go by that doesn't have it. A memory is not present without remembering how "it" was different. Ideas, thoughts and emotions are delivered with change. Change gives us knowledge, it gives us strength. Change gives us love and heartache. It brings us hope, peace, fear and desires. It fuels us to move forward and sometimes knocks us down. It brings new beginnings and endings, joy, happiness, confidence, admiration and respect. It devorces us from our past tendencies and gifts us with wisdom and opportunities. It aligns us on a journey, and encourages us to grow. We need Change in our lives just as we need air and water.

Why do we fear change? Why do we hide from it? Why do we fight it so much?

I ask my self that all the time. Although I am getting better at letting go of what does not serve me I find that things that are unfamiliar are not comfortable. I know I am on the right path because this means I am human, I am alive, I am moving forward, learning, growing. I am allowing myself to have gratatude for what change has given me, taught me, and helped me. I am learning to embrace change as my life story. An adventure I wish I started sooner.

I realize that I do not want to be that person that regrets not embracing life. I don't want to be the person wishing I wouldn't have wasted so much time living my life in fear. I want to be the person who loved deeply, gave more, laughed the loudest, cried the hardest, appreciate the risen and helped the fallen. I want to be the person who stands in the rain and smiles about it because I welcome change.

My knowledge about change has grown do a much deeper understanding being connected to the Spirit world. I have learned it is never to late to embrace change or learn from it. I hope you think about how change "lives" in your life. I hope you let go of what holds you, and allow change to serve your highest potential.

Love & Light

Lianna Kristy

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