Do animals make us more intuitive?

Animals and intuition..... If you think I totally lost my mind, you obviously do not have animals! Based on my own experiences and observations of people that have animals I have concluded that YES animals teach us how to open up our intuition and be more instinctive naturally.

I have noticed that people I have encountered through out my life that grew up on a farm (like me) or always had pets (like me) used terms more frequently such as "my gut tells me" or "I have a bad feeling about this". Animals communicate much differently to each other (obviously) than people do. I strongly feel animals communicate with each other and to people telepathically. Yes I said it, animals are psychic.... Picture this, a dog, aka Mans Best Friend... How does a dog instinctively know something is wrong, or know the right moment to draw your attention towards their affection towards you when you feel a little blue. My answer to that is because they have got you figured out. Your pet probably knows more about your emotions than you do!

I strongly believe that as we teach or "train" our animals, those animals have us on their own training program too. Just as your animal learns your way of communicating with them, you are also learning their way of communicating with the world! I am not saying people learn to pee on all the corners of their property or go around barking at things they do not like (although the term "barking up the wrong tree" when someone has a situation wrong, is a lot more literal than what some would think). What I mean is people become more open naturally to their natural instincts / intuition than someone that has no connection to animals or nature what so ever.

Horse trainers. I LOVE watching horse trainers because training a horse is about communication and trust. These people are so open to the world and have the ability to detect or predict what their "project" is about to do. Very rarely do you come across a horse trainer that did not know that horse was going to buck or if it was a "bluff", even before the obvious physical signs seconds before it happens. Horse trainers just know when to expect it. They are so in-tuned to how a horse communicates, they can pick it up instinctively without really even knowing they are communication on an intuitive level. They just react because it is a natural instinct to them!

If you have animals, ask yourself, how does my animal communicate with me?

Love & Light

Lianna Kristy

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