Psychic Attack? Not likely!

Lets call it what is.... "Psychic Attack"..... It's not when ghosts come into your closet at night and yell "boo!" nor is it generally any type of "dead person" trying to harm you. We can change the "colour" of it all we want, but from my personal experience, this energy that we feel that makes us feel like we are being attacked is a result of our own negative or unsettled thoughts and emotions AND also other peoples negative unsettled thoughts and emotion. Psychic attacks COME FROM THE LIVING!!!!!

I call this people pollution! I feared this once too, but the fact of the matter was I created my own "pollution" by projecting negative thoughts, feelings and emotions because I allowed myself to fuel it with fear. Guess what, what you put out is what you get back! Since I was projecting negative energy, I received negative energy from people around me! Even though I was not meaning to project negative at anyone, it just surrounded me!

Once I started developing my skills as a psychic I would also find myself in situations being around people that made me feel sick. When I would stand in line with people at the grocery store for example, I would feel and think all sorts of negative thoughts. At the time, I did not know why this was happening, but after learning what was really going on, I know that I was collecting some "low frequency pollution" from their aura and collecting it in mine just by standing close to them in line! They did not project this at me, or mean any harm to me. They simply carried it with them, and probably have for many years!

Now that I have a better understanding of what I was "fearing" and "feeling" and have cleared all that negative fearful crap out of my system, I have learned how to protect myself from being a victim of my own "pollution" as well as "other people's people pollution"! A very popular tool to clean yourself up is meditation. ( BUT please, please, please before you start meditating, please ensure to cleanse your space with sage or other means of cleansing to remove old stale energy. )

Besides meditation, a good way to start cleaning yourself up and living a positive, happy life is to "cut ties" with the negative, unbalanced people in your life, and if you fear something, LEARN about it! Chances are it really is not as bad or as complicated you think it is! Find something that makes you feel calm & relaxed. Even if it is digging in the dirt with your kids, enjoy those moments for yourself and release those negative feelings... Just let them go! I know, easier said than done, I will not lie to you, it is work!

You have the choice to work and live on a higher frequency! You CAN do it!

Love & Light

Lianna Kristy

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