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The biggest fear I had was "what will people think". If I put it all out on the line that I have this ability, I have these beliefs, I trust and know that this is my purpose, how will all these important people in my life react?

Well, they either support you and continue to care for you or they avoid you like the plague.

My purpose in this life is not to make everyone turn to my beliefs, or force them into thinking like me. My purpose is to help when and where it is needed to the best of my ability, and to enjoy the glory of peace within me for doing so.

Honestly, most of my family and friends do not know this is what I do! Of course they will figure it out now with this website, but I don’t need to go telling everyone what I can do just to "toot my own horn"! If a message needs to be given to someone out in the general public or to someone in my family that has not asked me for help, I try very hard not to use terms like "medium", "psychic", or "spirit". Instead I will bring up a topic that has been given to me by spirit with out saying "spirit is telling me.....". Sometimes I do not even know I am doing it just works it’s way into conversation. Sometimes it may only take 1 or 2 words to open that person up to letting go by triggering a positive memory.

If and when someone needs healing and a Spirit approaches me, I will tell spirit, "you guide them to me, and I will help you deliver your healing words". Chances are, if you are reading this, you have been guided here by a loved one, OR your "snooping" me :)

I consider my gifts as work. I am working for spiritual beings (living and dead). I also have another job and a family too. I do not "teach" my beliefs to my family. If something is needed to be told, I will speak it instinctively just like any other parent or spouse.

I hope this helps with your journey!

Love & Light

Lianna Kristy

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