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Oh boy, there are a lot of questions about this one! I hope I do not upset too many with this post, and I want to make it understood to all that read this, that this is based on my experiences working as a psychic medium. 

We are all spiritual beings. I am one, you are one, your dog and cat are one. Our bodies are simply our host. We live, we learn, we die, we learn, we guide, we learn...... see a pattern here? Being a spiritual being is all about learning and growth.

I am going to use my Dad as an example here. He just popped in for a quick little visit as I started writing this. My Dad passed away many years ago. Before I knew about my gifts, I would sometimes feel him, or smell smoke (he was a smoker). Not only did I notice these things, but other people in my family experienced this as well. He would leave dimes for my beautiful mother or wake us with the sound of the cupboard door closing late at night (when he was alive he did this too). Even though he didn’t have a physical body, his energy was still there!

After being able to communicate with my Dad for the first time through the very talented Tanya Blaney from Calgary Alberta, (before I even had a clue that I was a medium too), My Dad sent me the message that he has rested and he is protecting and guiding us. Since then, he has given me so much on my journey as a medium! I know this to be true, I see it, I feel it, I gain information from it that I possibly could not know! My Dad is in Spirit but his spirit is always connected to mine and no matter what, he is there and continues to be My Dad.

A question that I have been asked the most is "once you connect with spirit do they cross over to the light and can you talk to them again?:

The answer is YES you can talk to them! They do not go away. When I connect with spirit, I am connecting with a being that is of the light. The spirit that I am allowing to enter my thoughts is one that has crossed into the light, and comes to bring healing messages in light and love. They don’t drop down from the sky above, and have to go back again. They stay fairly near you and your family.

How do they communicate with you?

Frequency.... Spirit has a VERY high frequency. People have a much lower frequency. Spirit has to lower or "drop down" their frequency to be able to connect with people. It takes a lot of energy for the spirit to do this. Medium’s like myself are able to raise up their energy and are more open to a larger scale of frequency. An example of this that you may have experienced is a dog whistle. The pitch of the whistle is a frequency that people can not hear, but a dog can because they are open to a larger scale of frequency than people. Another example are people that see different range of colours. One person may look at a colour and see the colour blue. The next person may look at the same colour and say "that's not blue, it is indigo!". Some people are just more open to a wider range of the colour spectrum than others. This does not mean one is wrong and one is right. It simply means they see colour in a different way!

What if I hear from someone I am angry with?

Spirit has a roll in your life. Life is about lessons. Some spirit’s play bad rolls and some play good rolls. No matter what the roll was that the individual spirit played in your life, they will only bring you healing messages that will help you on your journey 

I hear "bumps in the night" how do I make it stop?

Make some rules. Tell Spirit to stop, but do it nicely. You need to respect them if you want them to respect you. If you do not think it is your loved ones, you may respectfully ask them to leave your home.

Keep in mind, not every little bump and crack is from a spirit! When it is, you will know!

Is your house full of dead people?

The answer to that is YES! my home sometimes is buzzing with spirits of friends, family and pets that have crossed over. BUT they are only those connected to my family. When someone comes over for a visit, they usually have spirit or two with them. Sometimes spirit shows up here before the company gets here, but they leave with the company when they go. Usually always, spirit stays with their families. They don’t camp out on my sofa just because I can communicate with them. Sometimes when I am open to communicating I will get a returning guest that really wants me to tell their loved ones something.

Are there lots if Spirits in Grave Yards?

No. I only see them show up when someone comes to visit! Spirit is free! would you rather be with loved ones or would you sit around by some dusty old bones?

Last week actually I was at one and the only spirit that was there at first was the one that went with us! I noticed as we walked around reading headstones and speaking about "so and so" it drew a few more spirits in, but they were still related or connected to my family. They mostly expressed their happiness that we wiped bird poo off the head stones, and thanked us for stopping.

Some people say they feel negativity when they are at a grave site. I have been there feeling that also, but what I found I was experiencing was the energy left behind by the living. When people visit a grave, they bring a lot of pain and emotion. They will release the emotion while they are visiting their loved ones resting place. Being that I am sensitive to all energy, that is what I would be feeling.

I hope this answers some of your questions!

Love & Light,

Lianna Kristy

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