Are you ready?

Evolve mentorship is a program designed to let your spirit be free. This program is designed to involve you in the healing process and over power your fears with kindness, unconditional love, and personal connection. This program is interactive with mandatory requirements.

Program Requirements

  1. You MUST work towards completing the monthly evolve 2.0 class content.

  2. You Must be committed to the Evolve 2.0 Mentorship for the 2020 year. 

  3. You will be required to submit a minimum of 3 times per year into the Evolve Package in the All the Things subscription box.

  4. Even if you are afraid of failing, you must be willing to try.

What's new in 2020

Mentorship now comes with a monthly coaching/reading call aprox. 20 minutes long. 


Previously, subscriptions for boxes have sent out monthly. All the things subscription will only be sold 3 times a year. Mentorship students are required to contribute in all three packages.

Stockpile shipping sitewide for mentorship students. You will be invoiced for one shipping package once you decide to have your collection of orders grouped together & shipped.


Submissions for Evolve Packages

If you do not have a business, that is okay. Through this process of connection we are moving energies of fear and healing through connectivity. Putting your energy into the Subscription program is healing for the recipient, but also is healing for you and your confidence in yourself.

Here are some ideas for those that are just trying to get fear and ego out of your way.

  • Write inspirational messages and make copies to be distributed 

  • Create a craft, art or home made item 

  • write a poem

  • write a letter of inspiration and make copies for everyone

  • create a picture or art

  • submit a recipe 

  • pull some oracle cards

*** be creative. something with intention and connection is healing. Let your Spirit out. it is safe ***

Submissions to promote your business

Mentorship students may include promo, samples, readings, forecasts and sales each month in the packages. The content must be within these guidelines:

  • Must be in my hands ready to be dispersed by the first of the month.

  • Must be one month ahead as many people will receive their parcel at the end of the month.

  • if content needs printing, cost arrangements must be made or it must be printed before submitted to me.

  • If the content the student submits is heavy or large, the student is responsible to compensate any additional freight charges for over sized or over weight packages sent out to subscribers that had not previously been budgeted into the initial subscription cost.

  • Recognition and contact info must be provided for the subscriber to reach you if they desire.

  • Mentorship students will be asked to submit at least 3 times in 2020 as part of their evolve program, even if it is just for fun and not a business related item.