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I am super passionate about healing and empowerment, but I am equally passionate about my students and their success. 

Students in my mentorship program have various levels of course work to work through with me. They also have the opportunity to read in online groups or public events monitored and hosted by me personally. My students are able to reflect on their progress with me early in development one on one which creates strong and confident readers.

I am so proud to see Shelby step into her creativity. This girl can bring out the creative story of the soul she is creating the art for. She can see the side of people and animals in ways so beautiful, that there really are no words to describe how truly gifted she is. See for yourself, visit her facebook page and see her art. If you need to tell a story with art in your space, or need any art created, this is your girl. 

To connect with Shelby, visit her page Click here for her FB page

Shelby - Blue Mistatim Designs

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